Our approach

We develop LogAir to make air pollution a visible matter to all, while we still have time to act upon it.

Air pollution is just too complex an issue for relying only in centralized efforts. We want everyone to contribute to mapping it collaboratively and share the data openly, so we can all get useful information from it:

Our supporters

LogAir is supported by SDGAccelerator (Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative), a program helping student teams working on SDG-related projects to scale up their innovations.

Initial activities were also partially funded by G’innove, an innovation program from the city of Geneva, for the project LogAirXGeneveRoule.

LogAir is also supported by Centre Universitaire d’Informatique – UNIGE, which hosts the team at FacLab Battelle (UNIGE).

As part of the Geneva innovation ecosystem, Open Geneva allows LogAir to connect to the numerous stakeholders in the region working on open innovation.

Mobile monitors



Open data



The team

LogAir was born as part of Emmanuel Kellner’s Masters in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability project at University of Geneva & University of Tsinghua. As part of this work he developed the device and workshops in Dali City, China.

Julieta Arancio had started a similar project in 2018, ETER monitor, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Julieta moved to Geneva where she worked with Emmanuel as a mentor in the Geneva-Tsinghua Summer School and later joined LogAir.

Nicolas Boeckh is the software developer and newest addition of the team, currently a student at Centre Universitaire d’Informatique (UNIGE), Geneva.

Emmanuel Kellner