New PCBs are here!

It took us more time than expected and for sure COVID-19 crisis didn’t help, but we are excited to announce we received the first batch of our custom PCBs!

In case you haven’t heard about Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) before, they are those beautiful white boards you see above. They support all the components our devices use (the particulate matter sensor, the humidity and temperature sensor, the microcontroller, GPS, etc) and connects them through conductive tracks made of copper.

It basically allows us to move from a prototype like this:

LogAir’s prototype device

…To an actual product we can easily use. It is much more compact, reliable (all components are soldered to the PCB) and standardized.

After we produced the schematic or representation of the electronic design, we sent it to a company that used it to produce hardware copies of it. In our case, that company was Seeed Studio.

So during the following week we will be testing if everything is working ok and producing some initial data. If everything goes as expected, our crowdfunding supporters should receive their devices soon!