Making air pollution a visible matter

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Changing the way we think about air quality

LogAir maps cities in real-time, providing user-centered air quality information using low-cost devices: making people part of the process.

We want to help everyone to map air quality where it matters the most: where they are, as they move.


You can take LogAir with you, attach it to your bicycle, backpack or even as a wearable!


Accessible devices that you can build, tweak and repair yourself, or you can also leave it to us


The device blueprints, software and data produced are open sourced so everyone can access them

With people

Workshops to teach you how to build your own devices, data collection campaigns... Check our events agenda!

Meet LogAir

LogAir team is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. You can find us in our office at the FacLab of the Centre Universitaire d’Informatique, University of Geneva (CUI-UNIGE).

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